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Froma Harrop On Daily Show

ProJo editorial favorite, nationally syndicated columnist, and perennial voice of reason Froma Harrop popped up on The Daily Show Thursday night. John Oliver was ostensibly interviewing Harrop — president of the National Conference of Editorial Writers (NCEW) — to discuss the NCEW Restoring Civility Project. Oliver’s true purpose was to expose the irony of her …

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Let Them Filibuster

Froma Harrop says it today in The Sunday ProJo, Doris Kearns Goodwin said it last week on The Daily Show, and I’ve been saying it for weeks — although I seem not to have actually written it down anywhere so I can’t prove it — let the Republicans be seen filibustering a Health Care Reform …

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Here’s How We Do It

In a recent monologue, the excellent Bill Maher opined “I was originally opposed to the death panels, but I’m beginning to come around.”  Amen to that. The recent protests have prompted some pretty dark thoughts in even the most benign of souls. The Greatest Generation? I haven’t heard that appellation in quite a while.  If …

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No Thanks

It seems possible that people may have missed Froma Harrop’s excellent column yesterday in the ProJo — Welcome to ‘Nepotism Nation‘.  This country got its start by kicking out a hereditary monarchy, and yet we have this annoying habit of anointing certain families and giving their scions a pass on such things as brains, experience …

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Protect Our Youth

Well, I’ve been riding this hobbyhorse for a while now and it turns out I have an ally over at the Providence Journal — the much smarter and more articulate columnist Froma Harrop.  In yesterday’s paper, she blasted the foolish and wasteful ‘War on Drugs’ and found quite a bit of support in a recent …

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