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Tonight: Art! Boobs! Fashion!

Three things happening tonight, all of which are conveniently located on the same corner: Local filmmaker Faythe Levine curated the show opening at Craftland, which features work by Merrilee Challiss and Margaret Oomen.  From the press release: Merrilee brings her gouache and ink images of a darkly humorous view of natural history all the way […]

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Tonight: Insipid Kitsch

After repeated failures to get us a write-up, we’ve simply stolen the above and below from the event’s Facebook page. Details follow. Suffice it to say, it’ll be a shit show, in all ways, good and bad: On Friday December Vth 2008 Insipid Kitsch Unveils Itself @ 7PM——Why Are All These Words CAPITALIZED? ——They say

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Sustainability Print Show!

HEY remember that one time the other day i posted a 4000 pixel wide image on the main page of the PDD because I momentarily forgot (or arguably never knew) how to use a computer??? Yeah that was AWESOME!! I hope I do it NINE MORE TIMES!!! Anyway here’s a charming reminder, with the official

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Jacqueline Ott at 5 Traverse

November 2nd through January 1st , 2007 Opening reception: November 2nd, 5-8 PM 5 Traverse is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Providence-based artist Jacqueline Ott. Her dynamic works on paper twist simple combinations of pattern into charged pearls. Ott’s mechanical process gives way to the human hand as her colors tender theory. Ott

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