‘Sine Nomine’ Perform Requiem At St. Martin’s

(1.20) This Friday the Sine Nomine choral ensemble will be performing Ein Deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms, the 1866 edition with chamber choir and four hand piano. Johannes Brahms transcribed an alternative edition of his beloved Ein Deutsches Requiem with accompaniment of four hands on one piano. This more intimate and transparent version was premiered […]

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Messing With The Kaiser

Dazzle painting, or razzle-dazzle, refers to the style of marine camouflage painting briefly employed during World War I for the purpose of confusing the German U-boats.  “Bedazzled”, an exhibition of original blueprints from the era, will open today at RISD’s Fleet Library.  The show’s curator — a woman with the unbelievable Bond Girl name, Claudia

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