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Bread And Circuses In The Statehouse Budget

The Bread? Tax cuts for retirees. This will make them say happy things on the talk radio shows. The Circus? Slash beach fees in half! Get out of town. No really, everybody get out of town, and stop bothering your elected officials with complaints about the constitutionality of the grant system. Everybody just go to

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Raimondo Getting National Attention

Rhody democrats are a different breed. Our de facto one-party system has an embedded “right wing” and national political analysts often don’t quite grasp the situation. Conservative ideas and initiatives often find significant support here (see: Voter ID). It’s just that we just look so damn blue from a distance. And so we have Frank

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Let’s Make This Women’s History

[youtube]0t6uzHEXBxc[/youtube] Why in the 21st century is it still necessary for an accomplished female politician and candidate to put on an apron and go baking in a kitchen? Gina Raimondo’s political platform and performance as state treasurer are not the issue here; this is about political campaigning for capable and educated professional women in the

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Drinking Liberally — Meet Gina Raimondo

Another installment of Drinking Liberally — meet Democratic Candidate for General Treasurer, Gina Raimondo. She will probably say a few words and then answer your clearly-articulated, well-researched questions. Raimondo has plans for a sustainable retirement system, economic development, and (hooray) corporate governance. As General Treasurer, Gina will exert the state’s leverage as a major shareholder 

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