‘Girls Who Code’ At Rochambeau

Providence Community Library (PCL) will launch a ‘Girls Who Code’ club at its Rochambeau location on January 22. Led by Gryte Satas, a female instructor from Brown University’s Department of Computer Science, the club will offer girls grades 6-12 an opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence, cryptography, graphics, mobile development and many other computer and […]

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Tech Talk — AS220 Labs And Girl Power

The AS220 Labs has a set of workshops coming up for those wanting to “Learn how to use an Arduino” including: intro to soldering; build a Physical Pixel or Ambient Orb project; and Robots! Other upcoming lab courses feature 3D Modeling, Intro to the Laser Cutter, Intro to Letterpress, and more. And speaking of robots,

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Gansett Throws A Party — Hi Neighbor

(12.28) Special event Friday night at the Met as Narragansett Beer celebrates 122 years of brewing excellence. Featuring The Rice Cakes, The ‘Mericans, The Brother Kite, Michelle Lewis, Sharks Come Cruisin’, and special guests the ‘Gansett Girls from the 2013 Hi Neighbor Calendar. They’ll be taking photos and signing copies all night long! First 100

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Jerkus Circus Comes To Providence

Find true love at JERKUS CIRCUS this Saturday, March 20 at the AS220! Comedy, Burlesque, and Freaks! Voted best Neo Vaudeville by the Boston Phoenix in ’09. Produced, Created, and Hosted by the World Famous Steamy Bohemians.

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Girls! Girls! Girls!

This past week kind of sucked. One of my favorite songwriters died, the Columbus was shut down and the news broke that the Taqueria Pacifica will be leaving AS220 in October.  Things are bad.  So bad, apparently, that I found myself not totally hating Mariah Carey’s recently-leaked cover of I Want To Know What Love

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Grrrls! Grrrls! Grrrls!

[youtube]B_62Th7S4wI[/youtube] Saturday Machines With Magnets is hosting a benefit for GRR!, a brand-new rock camp for the ladies.  Over the course of the camp, girls can work on their musicianship, form a band, write a song, and perform.  (Possibly if they end up as good as the Bangles up there they’ll even get wildly famous

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Jersey Girls Would Like You To Wax Your Balls

Its been awhile since we’ve heard from our lovely Jersey Girls, now that they’re bi-coastal (one living on the East Coast, the other living on the Jersey Coast) it’s been even harder for them to get their shit together. Plus they have jobs now. Whatever, here’s the latest insanity from Providence’s most reliable advice mavens.

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CFCFG returns to E&O

The Co-ed Fight Club for Girls returns to the E&O tap Monday, February 25th, 8pm-12am for a night of serious bar tending, booze, breasts, biceps and BRAND NEW OUTFITS (printed & designed by yours truly under CFCFG direction). So, put on your knee-highs, stuff some singles in your wallet, adjust your sweatbands and jog on

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