Governor Carcieri

Shilling For Schilling

The next time someone suggests that a man will make a great governor (or president) because of his business background, just remind them of the “Reckoning” that Governor Donald Carcieri (Republican) has left behind for the taxpayers of Rhode Island. The news that Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios has missed a payment on the $75-million loan, […]

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2010 — Arrivederci Don Veto Carcieri

Can’t come soon enough. State Rep. (and Dose honcho) David Segal, acquitted himself admirably on the latest ‘Straight from the Gavel’ the local cable show designed to give voters a closer look at the legislative process and their elected officials. He was interviewed by Dave Barber — clearly sympathetic to Mr. Segal’s positions and initiatives

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Vigil And Funeral Procession Against The Veto

If you’re equally pissed-off about Governor Carcieri’s deplorable, inhumane veto of the domestic partners’ funeral rights bill last week, come out and show it this Thursday, November 19th. From the Facebook invite: On Tuesday November 10, 2009 Governor Donald Carcieri killed a bill that would allow non-married couples the right to plan the funerals of

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How About A Nice Cup Of WTF?

UPDATES — 9AM WEDNESDAY: The ProJo has picked up the story crediting “several left-leaning blogs” with breaking it, but we know it was Ms. Dymoke who spent most of Monday on the phone fielding questions from the Canadian media. 3PM MONDAY: Daily Dose wins again! ORIGINAL, AUG 9th: Well that’s a first… apparently people do

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Always Thinking Of The Children

While vetoing the marijuana-dispensary legislation, Republican Governor Don Carcieri expressed concern that it “…will no doubt result in increased usage, and will negatively impact the children of Rhode Island.” (The Senate and House both voted today to override the veto. Under the law, the Rhode Island Department of Health will license a non-profit compassion center

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Anti-Choice Rally On Smith Hill Today

Today Governor Carcieri spoke at an anti-abortion prayer rally, conveniently (for him) located in the rotunda of the State House.  Because, in case you didn’t know, anti-abortion activists have their rallies INSIDE THE STATE HOUSE.  With prayers and everything! Paying no heed to women everywhere requesting that the governor keep his rosaries off their ovaries,

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Tribe of Weird

Providence is a haven for weirdness and weirdos. This is what makes the town so great. Where else can your day start with a phone call from a Cheyenne “hobo,” checked in to the RI Hospital for a suicide attempt, and end with synth rock played in a downtown “gay” bar full of rockers, trannies,

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How about niece-once-removed?

When the latest of Governor Carcieri’s ethical problems (giving his niece a state job) started gaining traction last summer, he took to calling the lovely lady in question his niece-in-law.  I remember asking myself — who says that?  We now have our answer — slimy, guilty, obfuscating weasels say that.  Today the Governor admitted to

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T-shirt design contest

Attention artists. Help RIPAC design their new T-shirt and if your entry is chosen you can win… a brand new T-shirt! Well, it’s all about the glory really. And the cause. RIPAC is the medical marijuana advocacy coalition that helped our enlightened legislators make marijuana possession legal for qualified patients. But the battle for availability

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double-dipping in the ocean state

The R.I. state seal consists of two key design elements: an anchor, that heavy thing you throw overboard in a last desperate attempt to stabilize a foundering ship; and the word ‘Hope’, as in “I hope there’s someone at the helm who knows what the hell he’s doing before we run this thing onto the

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Life used to be so simple…

… when the enemy was fluoridation. Check out Bob Kerr’s column in today’s ProJo for his take on National Guard adjutant general, and acting head of RIEMA, Maj. Gen. Robert T. Bray. Comparing him to Gen. Jack D. Ripper of the 1964 movie Dr. Strangelove, Kerr perfectly lays out this local example of all that

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