‘HairBrained’ Event — Hairwork Then And Now

(4.25) Aah, the mitigated joy of inheriting grandma’s Victorian hair jewelry. It can be quite beautiful, still . . .  hair. On Wednesday jeweler/historian Karen Bachmann and artist Nafis White will lead a discussion of how the practice of hairwork speaks across centuries and cultures in “HairBrained: Hair as holder of memory/artistic medium.” Master jeweler/historian […]

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HairBrained At The PPL Downtown

Long hair, crew cuts, braids, afros, fades, mohawks, dreads, facial hair, fake hair, weaves, perms, dyes, relaxers — shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen. Learn all about the cultural history of hair at HairBrained, the new exhibition at the Providence Public Library downtown. From Rapunzel to Angela Davis: it’s all here. This is an extensive survey

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45 To 3? Gotta Be The Hair

According to a recent piece in New York Magazine Tom Brady — at the urging of wife Gisele — was recently seen “visiting a hair-transplant specialist in Cranston, Rhode Island.” That would be our very own Dr. Leonard of course. The New York Times has also picked up the story which started with the National

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ricky gervais in bizarro world

Maybe I’m the last one to find out about this. It would appear that Ricky Gervais (of Extras glory — one of the best shows ever) had honestly hoped this would never surface. I still can’t believe my eyes. The 80’s just will not stay dead. (It’s Seona Dancing, btw). [youtube:]

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Attention, Hairy Individuals

Ambrose Burnside wasn’t a very good general. Sure, he seemed like a nice guy, but he wasn’t so good at the whole commanding of armies thing. In fact, his Wikipedia entry describes him as “obstinate, unimaginative, and unsuited both intellectually and emotionally for high command.” Plus he was the first-ever president of the NRA. Yikes!!

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this will separate the men from the boys from the women

Big plans are afoot to generate more activity in and around Kennedy Plaza this summer, including poor little Burnside Park. There are some regular weekly events planned, like a Friday Farmers’ Market, as well as some big events such as the Heineken Latino Celebration July 6th (please tell me they’re planning a Dos Equis Oktoberfest)

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when it’s time to party…

I have never really been told what my responsibilities are supposed to be around here, but I know I’m the go-to gal for all things ‘Andrew W.K.’ and here’s the latest. It seems the talented boys over at Lucid T.V. have executed a couple of Andrew-themed comic strips, one of which has elaborated a new

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If The Dose had a Parade Magazine…

… we would do lame stories like this. Tonight TLC will be broadcasting Miss America Live starting at 8:00 PM. This is the culmination of an utterly inexcusable reality series documenting the pageant’s effort to drag the gals into the 21st century… confronting hair spray addictions, and… okay, it was mostly about hair. But here’s

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