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Pawtucky Derby — Headmaster No. 5 Release Party

(5.4) Man of letters Matthew Lawrence will host the Pawtucky Derby a.k.a. “Headmaster No. 5 Release Party” this Saturday at Machines With Magnets. Mint juleps at 9pm with dancing to follow. Pony race at midnight. Headmaster is the biannual print magazine for the sophisticated man-lover who appreciates smart writing and thought-provoking art. Headmaster is dedicated

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The Headmaster Ritual

Oh, hi, Daily Dose readers.  It’s me, Matthew.  Remember me?  I used to post here a lot, but in the words of our dear friends Staind it’s been awhile.* Anyway, in my months and months of not writing anything here, I’ve been busy working on a new print magazine.  It’s pretty arty and pretty gay. 

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