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HealthSourceRI Enrollment Deadline March 31st

Despite extensions announced earlier this week by federal authorities, the deadline for individuals and families selecting a new plan through HealthSourceRI is still Monday, March 31st. HealthSourceRI spokeswoman Dara Chadwick spoke with the Providence Journal, Chadwick said the state will still use federal guidelines to create special provisions for those unable to enroll by March

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Obama Pitches Health Care Between Two Ferns

By now most people have heard of this effort by the Obama administration to get the young invisibles on board with (Here in Rhode Island go to the state-run exchange HealthSourceRI). In case you have yet to watch Zach Galianfinakis interview Obama on Between Two Ferns, take six minutes now. Click on image. Between

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Less Care + Higher Costs = Big Profits For Insurers

On May 14th Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts (Chairwoman of the Rhode Island Healthcare Reform Commission) wrote a column for the Providence Journal trying to explain how millions of dollars in federal grants resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 has benefited Rhode Islanders so far. Four days later the Journal ran the column

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Put Your Feet in the Air and Party

This evening on your way home from work, join local “Nap-tavists” at Providence Community Acupuncture for a celebration. HERE’S WHAT WE’RE CELEBRATING: *AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE* *OUR DANDY NEW SPACE* *COMMUNITY* THE COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE *REVOLUTION* When: Today, Friday February 18th from 3 to 6 p.m. What: free acupuncture, refreshments and live local sounds provided by: Steve Jobe, Kate

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Blue Cross To Request Rate Hike

I’ll give you a second to catch your breath. According to The Providence Journal, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island CEO James Purcell will ask the state to approve premium rate increases* in May, citing rising costs and increased use. But that new office building downtown? Nope, that was a cost-saving measure. Purcell said

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Lying Liars, 2009 Edition

I’m not all political like some of you Dose folks, so I’ve only just discovered PolitiFact, a project of the St. Petersburg Times that fact-checks statements by the White House, Congress, lobbyists and interest groups. While others have listed the years’s top music albums or best-selling books, PolitiFact polled the top eight lies told by politicians

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Green-Washing At Blue Cross

ProJo columnist Edward Fitzpatrick casts a gimlet eye on the new biodegradable/compostable/recyclable Blue Cross office building and sees right through to the fancy new offices, cafeteria and gym with their sweeping views of Waterplace Park and beyond. The costs of this new building are apparently to be borne by the direct payers, subscribers with no

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Dance To Kick Off The HealthAccessRI Campaign

HealthAccessRI (which David Segal wrote about here) is the nation’s first primary care subscription program, homegrown right here in Rhode Island. Essentially, it’s a network of primary care doctors offering affordable primary care to patients who lack health insurance or have high-deductible insurance. And HealthAccessRI is launching a campaign to grow to a total of

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Whole Foods, Whole Lotta Backlash

Two days ago Whole Foods CEO John Mackey posted a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece criticizing Obama’s proposed health-care reforms, and the internet backlash has been swift and fierce. Facebook already has a 2,500-strong “Boycott Whole Foods” group, and Single Payer Action is calling for similar action. Personally, I find any argument that opens with

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