Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on Indonesian TV

[youtube]PgAjAY6ERiI[/youtube] Maybe I’ve been watching too much of the horrendous/wonderful crime drama Lie To Me*, but watching dreamy Tim Roth use the facial expressions of politicians in order to catch criminals is maybe what made me so enamored with this, a Clinton appearance on what seems to be an Indonesian variety show for teens.  Without […]

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Revolution or Scare Tactics?

On my way to work this morning I noticed many campaign banners hanging on highway overpasses, but none was more striking than the one proudly displayed over 95S in the the North End of Providence. “Vote Black Power–It’s Time,” read the message on what, ironically, appeared to be a white sheet. At first I thought,

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c’mon, they’ve been writing

I suppose good writers can’t just turn their brains off for 12 weeks, and if a good idea popped into their heads who could blame them for jotting down a few notes in the fog of their bathroom mirrors. All I know is that last night’s Saturday Night Live was pretty damn good. Not many

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