‘Shmattes’ At Brown RISD Hillel

Jews are funny . . . who knew? “Shmattes” an exhibition that explores the issue of cultural Jewish identity through t-shirts is up now through September 28th. Certainly a great way to greet the incoming students, but locals are welcome as well. These t-shirts have been acquired from all over the contemporary Jewish world– eBay …

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Israeli And Palestinian Youth Musicians At Hillel

(2.28) Heartbeat, the Israeli-Palestinian youth music community, have just launched their debut U.S. tour this month to bring the voice and sound of a better future in the Middle East to America. The ensemble of young Arab and Jewish artists (ages 17-21) has performed across Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Germany. Based in Jerusalem, Heartbeat …

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Hillel Goes Meshugga

Who better to write about an act called Good for the Jews than the resident shiksa.  Well, I’m certainly a fan even if I do not bring an insider’s perspective. And I like the cut of this guy’s jib (more men should wear velvet a lot). They describe what they do as a “mix of …

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