‘Jaws’ MotB — Honor The Man. Crush The Can

(7.16) For those who missed the recent indoorsy theatrical screenings, here comes Movies on the Block with yet another opportunity for viewing the 1975 Spielberg thriller “Jaws” starring the late Robert Shaw as Quint. What more can possibly be said about this movie — let’s talk beer. During the summer months, Narragansett will be celebrating

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We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Screen

‘Jaws’ is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a two-day theatrical release across the country presented by Turner Classic Movies. From their blog, Finally, Jaws provides an excellent example for the argument that movies are best viewed on the big screen. Movies are an immersive, larger-than-life experience: Their full effect can only be felt by watching

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Terror Con

(6.8) Linda Blair, Butch Patrick, Dee Wallace, and Dee Snider are all in town this weekend for the Terror Con at the Rhode Island Convention Center, one of this week’s Providence Phoenix Editors’ Picks. Plus wrestlers (Kane, Charles Wright, Shelly Martinez) and world-famous cosplayers (Lee Anna Vamp, Destiny Nickelsen) and artists (John Febonio, Roger Kastel)

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