Live Music Thursday

Head over to Jerky’s tonight for an EP release party for Conservative Man (with Minky Starshine and Some Say Fire in support). Conservative Man is a guitar/synth/drums trio (two of them pictured here) from Philadelphia and Nashua, New Hampshire (how does that work?) and they are actually pretty good. They got the Caesars included in …

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Eat Rock

[youtube]20t4gBf_1d4&feature=related[/youtube] In the interest of moving the words ‘Seacrest’, ‘Clarkson’ and ‘Lite’ at least a little further down the page, and because I have not put up a video in while, I give you the Upper Crust who performed at Jerky’s recently and brought down the house.  I love these guys.

Go Out

Lupo’s — They Might Be Giants, Spray Paint Star Firehouse 13 — Wham Five Diagnosis: Closing Reception, Ghost Box Orchestra, Broken River Prophet & Ba-na-nas Jerky’s — Apathy, Poorly Drawn People, Labeless Intelligence (photo:Merlyn Towney)

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