Work Is A Four-Letter Word

[youtube]2rvhcT-5_Rg[/youtube] Today’s the premiere of That Job Sucked Anyway, Megan Hall and Sue Ellen Kroll’s radio documentary about people’s terrible work experiences. We all have them, but over time they can (sometimes) transform from anxiety-inducing horrors to darkly comedic stories so hilarious that you want to share with strangers.*  (In my interview, I told the

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Fidelity’s cutting jobs. Will RI suffer?

Fidelity’s cutting jobs.  They’ve expanded into Rhode Island in recent ears because of huge tax breaks given to them by the state.  They also happen to be notorious at the national level for being the corporation that’s most adept at gaming states for tax breaks- and then blowing the coop. (In fact, they’ve been the

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Senate Jumps Out In Front On Renewables

This is awesome news. The Senate seems poised to take the lead on the push for robust renewables development in RI, which is great for the environment, ratepayers, and the economy at large. “This package of legislation encourages the development of renewable energy in Rhode Island,” [Senate President Joseph] Montalbano said. “It gives us the

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More great news on the green jobs front!

This time from Steve Costantino, chairman of the House Finance Committee: We can also get Rhode Island involved in the growing green economy. Particularly with wind power, Rhode Island has both the natural resources and the existing economic base to become a wind-powered generator of electricity and a wind-power-technology producer. When Portsmouth Abbey installed its

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Notice of two jobs openings just landed in our inbox: Marriage Equality Rhode Island: Marriage Equality Rhode Island is currently seeking an entrepreneurial Director of Development and Communications to raise money, develop and manage donor relationships, and direct and implement the organization’s communications strategies and public relations activities. More at MERI’s website. Direct Action for

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