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Go Spend Money At Trinity Brew & Hot Club

Following their loss in the general assembly, the big brave 2nd amendment crowd has decided that threatening hard-working waitresses will bring people around to their side. Anyone watching the recent State House protests during the gun reform debates probably noted the whiteness and maleness of the yellow-shirt crowd. Two co-morbidities were also on display, so […]

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RI Finally Ready To Legalize Marijuana?

Could this be the year? The conversation surrounding the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults sounds different this year. Once again, as he has done every year for at least a decade, Senator Josh Miller — along with Senate Majority Leader Michael J. McCaffrey — has introduced a bill that would do just that. According

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Sen. Josh Miller — Hero

A March 18th confrontation in the State House rotunda in which Rhode Island Senator Josh Miller (D-Cranston) told off Dan Bidondi, a disruptive and intimidating gun-rights advocate, was caught on tape, with a weirdly edited version now up on YouTube. Senator Miller has issued this statement concerning his choice of words during the exchange; “At

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Josh Miller Goes National With Progressive Marijuana Policies

Josh Miller — Senator for District 28, Cranston and Warwick and owner of the Hot Club, Trinity Brewhouse, Local 121 — is now writing to a national audience on the topic of marijuana decriminalization/legalization. Check out the CNBC blog for his thoughtful piece “Rhode Island’s Drive for Sensible Marijuana Laws” posted this morning, including this

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No More Bottled Water

Kudos to Mayor Cicilline and the following restaurants for their enlightened thinking regarding bottled water. According to the ProJo, Cicilline and the owners of five local restaurants announced yesterday that they are joining national efforts to curb the use of bottled water. The owners of Providence establishments Local 121, Benders Caffe, the Hot Club, Trinity

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