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Tonight: IPod DJs and Regular DJs

On the last Tuesday of every month, the Armageddon Shop DJs break out their IPods and head to the E&O. What do they play? Um, hard to describe. When I caught them at the Fez last month it was some weirdo metal, some scary/awesome satanic stuff from Norway, probably, and I think they played some […]

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Reed tonite, Young Dems tomorrow

Sen Jack Reed is having some kind of mini-fundraiser/hanging-out tonight at Twist at 500 Angell St. He’s asking people to join him for, “A little fun, lite fair, and conversation.” and to donate a contribution equal to your age — “or any age you’d like to be.” 5-7pm. Then, tomorrow there’s the rain-date for the

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Get Loaded Tonight

L.O.A.D.E.D. (it stands for nothing) is back and tonight I’ll speak for myself (and K-Leav) by saying I’m going to play a shitload of Primal Scream. Who the hell were Primal Scream? Yikes! I’ll give you a brief video primer on their classic Screamadelica album after the jump. Meanwhile, as always we’ll be at Local

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Don’t sleep on us! Micah Jackson in the Local 121 Taproom tonight

Jackson and I are back in the habit tonight at the Taproom for our third of many lowdown DJ sets to come. To see the whole Taproom DJ schedule check out the Local 121 Myspace, graciously maintained by the lovely bartendress Lara (who typically joins us for our lil’ party). To get a taste of

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Daily Dose Holiday par-TAY!

Okay, folks. The big announcement: The first annual Daily Dose holiday party will be on TONIGHT TUESDAY, December 13th 18th, 9pm-ish, at Local 121. Dosers Micah Jackson spinning your all-time fave holiday classics by the Chipmunks, Burl Ives, and Paul McCartney. With a heavy sampling of Vince Guaraldi, laid down over Kurtis Blow’s phat Christmas

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