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House Abolishes Master Lever Option

What a great way to celebrate the state’s first Day of Reason. The Rhode Island House voted 71-0 to abolish straight-ticket voting, the so-called master lever, a relic of the old voting machines and machine politics. It has no real defenders, only pols and special interest groups who benefit from maintaining our unhealthy, one-party, status …

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Mollis “Master Lever” Bill On Tap

Legislation to eliminate the so-called “master lever” from Rhode Island ballots will get its first public hearing this afternoon, Wednesday, when the House Judiciary Committee meets at the Rise in Room 313 at the State House. State law currently requires ballots to include the straight-party option, which enables voters to vote for all the candidates …

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Consider Proportional Representation

When not gambling on college hoops, suave Dose honcho, Dave Segal, is actually a grown-up with a job representing the good people of District 2 in the General Assembly.  He is also a thoughtful and persuasive writer and has a fine piece in this morning’s Providence Journal suggesting that the master lever/straight ticket voting issue …

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You Can Still Vote For One Party

It will just take a minute longer, and you’ll be forced to give it some thought. Writing in today’s Providence Journal, Edward Achorn comes out in support of a bipartisan bill that would put an end to Rhode Island’s indefensible master lever. Representatives Michael Marcello (D.-Scituate) and Brian Newberry (R.-North Smithfield) submitted a bill this …

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