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Matthew Bird — ‘Counter Attack: Why I Got Out Of Retail’

Curatorium . . . sanatorium . . . let’s call the whole thing off. To anyone who has ever been a store customer: Never forget that the person behind the counter of your favorite shop is at work, and he is trapped. And while he may be thrilled to see you walking through the door, …

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‘Sleeper’ — Matthew Bird Leads Discussion

(6.1) I’m really torn about this one. Tonight’s installation in the continuing “Portals: The History of the Future” film series is Woody Allen’s ‘Sleeper’ and at this point I have lost all enthusiasm for Mr. Allen*.  However . . . the Q&A following the movie will be led by design historian Matthew Bird who is …

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‘What is Good Design?’ Athenaeum Salon

(11.6) Designer and design historian Matthew Bird will speak this Friday at the Athenaeum Salon on “Expanding a Point of View: What is Good Design?” We all know what is good, but each of us uses different factors to arrive at our decisions and opinions about design and taste. Designer and design historian Bird will …

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