“What We Do Is The Opposite Of A Miracle”

[youtube]OcNiHugYg1Y[/youtube] Ever wonder what it’s like to be on a team of doctors and nurses who have just pulled a patient back from the brink only to have the family declare it “a miracle.” That despite years of (continuing) education and training — not to mention the skill and stamina required — all the credit […]

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The Magic Lantern Cinema

(5.9) Head down to the Cable Car Cinema Wednesday for the latest installment of the Magic Lantern — The Human Disease Show. How does cinema inflect our understanding of human disease? In the more familiar disease genres – mainstream features, educational films, and military training films – one can see a narrative, step-by-step approach to

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Co-pays and preventative care

Here’s news all policy makers should take to heart: Firm evidence that even small co-pays substantially decrease the likelihood that women will have regular mamograms. With the corollary that more people will get sick and die, and that long-term costs will rise. And it’s pretty easy to envision a whole slew of analogues, relative to

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