End The Filibuster NOW

“It’s time to choose: the filibuster or democracy.” Yes, it’s that simple. Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline has a great piece in today’s Providence Journal: “To ensure equality, Senate must end filibuster.” Finally. Listening to legislators discussing bridges and hearing aids is enough to drive a person insane. None of that will happen if we […]

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Money Dollars Headed Our Way

Happy news for Providence for once — infusion of cash coming our way. First: Nabsys, a technology company working on “advances in life sciences and healthcare through strategic deployment of a novel positional sequencing platform with broad applicability for DNA analysis” will get an infusion of cash from three venture capital firms. According to today’s

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Six Reasons Brown Should Freeze Tuition

Partly to remind you about our Parade for Accessible Education tomorrow at Brown (right) and partly because my friend Mike Da Cruz is really articulate, here are six reasons why Brown Students for a Democratic Society is calling on the Brown Corporation to freeze tuition: 1) High tuition sticker prices, even when they are defrayed

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‘The Democrats’ Class War’

David Sirota has a dead-on deconstruction of the awkward class dynamic that’s evolved on the Democratic side of the presidential race: And so, as Marable says, Obama’s pitch includes “no mention of the class struggle or class conflict.” It is “hope” instead of an economic case, bromide instead of critique. The result is an oxymoronic

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Notice of two jobs openings just landed in our inbox: Marriage Equality Rhode Island: Marriage Equality Rhode Island is currently seeking an entrepreneurial Director of Development and Communications to raise money, develop and manage donor relationships, and direct and implement the organization’s communications strategies and public relations activities. More at MERI’s website. Direct Action for

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And Please Trace Your Housekey On The Form Provided

This email landed in our inbox this morning, and since I am facing an indefinite stint of unemployment beginning tomorrow, this seems like a very lucrative opportunity to make some money while securing some valuable contacts within the European banking community. Who’s with me? “Hello, It gives me a great deal of pleasure to write

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Great news for the local economy!

A couple from Swansea apparently won last month’s big-ass powerball jackpot, likely yielding a whole new crop of local “believers” who will squander even more dough than they already do.Lottos suck: They’re super-regressive — far more so than casinos — and while people should be able to gamble, the state shouldn’t actively try to dupe

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