RIIFF Starts

The Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF), the largest public film festival in New England, kicks off Tuesday night at the Providence Showcase with a mix of shorts — live action, documentary, animation, color, drama, musical, comedy, Canada — and barrels along through Sunday, August 14, when a variety of films will be screened at

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Oscar Shorts At Cable Car Cinema

The Cable Car Cinema will be screening the 2017 Oscar nominated shorts through February 16th. For the 12th consecutive year, Shorts HD and Magnolia Pictures present the Oscar-Nominated Short Films . . . With all three categories offered – Animated, Live Action and Documentary. Most animated shorts run from 5-9 minutes. The live action from

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The Shining — MotB

(7.23) And there’s a local connection. This week’s installment of Movies on the Block is Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror The Shining with music by Rhode Island native Wendy Carlos (born Walter Carlos, of “Switched-On Bach” fame) among other artists. From Wiki, In 1953 (aged 14), Carlos won a Westinghouse Science Fair scholarship for a home-built

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Mexican Santa Battles Fiend Of Dorothy At AS220

(12.23) Santa lives in a Moorish powder-room that may or may not be heaven (so, he’s . . . dead?) where third world moppets manufacture toys of dubious value. But there is a snake in the garden, Pitch, a demon who swans about annoying anxious, hollow-eyed children. Head downtown Sunday night for a screening of

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Macabre Horror Shorts At AS220

(10.14) Join host Carlos Gonzalez in the concert hall at AS220 for an evening of MACABRE, FR3AK, H0RR0R, and W3IRD0 short films. Filmmakers include: Alee Peoples, AT, Caitlin Doughty, Cordey Lopez, Cybele Collins, Jaime Mohr, Matt Underwood, Mike Stoltz, Xander Morro, and more. (Poster by Emily Salvatierra) Free, 9pm to 11:45pm, movies start 9:30pm, Sunday,

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Cuckoo’s Nest — Movies On The Block

(9.6) This week’s installment of ‘Movies on the Block’ is the 1975 Jack Nicholson vehicle One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest directed by Milos Forman (Amadeus, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Valmont). From Roger Ebert’s review; We meet a classic outsider — R.P. McMurphy, a quintessentially sane convict sent to the institution as a punishment

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