The Muppets Take On Red-Hattin’

 Thank you, ProJo, for reviewing a new Muppets Christmas special that airs tonight (although I don’t know if it could rival “A Muppets Christmas Carol,” one of my faves). It seems the cuddly creatures will encounter special guests including an airport security guard (Nathan Lane, who seems well-suited to working with zany puppets) and a …

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Not your mother’s Muppets

No way!  Jim Henson’s company is developing a Muppets, or at least puppets, movie for adults–a film noir called “Happytime Murders,” in which a puppet detective must solve a string of murders around a children’s show cast called the Happytime Gang.   I hope the Muppets themselves aren’t suspects, although we all know Miss Piggy can …

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have you seen this man?

Please help. Friends and family are getting worried — clearly he has become disoriented and lost. In this last known photograph, he appears to be wearing someone else’s clothing. He was last seen confused and disheveled, wandering around the Smith Hill area, mumbling something about skyscrapers and flobots. Shave him, feed him. (Update: He’s back.)

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