Nicole Kidman

News Slap: Glaringly Obvious Edition

Obama has selected Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State – mostly likely for her hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm for Earl Grey tea. Sit down for this one. Seriously, sit down. Are you ready? Have you braced yourself? We’re officially in a recession. You definitely heard it here first. Christians are outraged about a soon-to-be […]

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In Cinemas This Week

Australia Director: Baz Luhrmann Starring:  Nichole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, David Wenham, Jack Tompson With a film shoot beleaguered by unpredictable weather, an outbreak of equine flu, and the complete unmalleability of 78.4% of Nicole Kidman’s face, the production of Australia appears to have been about as enjoyable as mouthful of Vegemite.  Now word has leaked

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