NOM Defector Speaks Out

“I remember verbally asking myself, why am I here?” Thus began NOM member Louis Marinelli’s gradual but inexorable shift, from working against marriage equality through the nation’s highest-profile activist group, National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to abandoning that group to instead work for democratic equality. Specifically, it was during NOM’s “Summer for Marriage” summer tour …

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The Wheels On The Bus Go NOM, NOM, NOM

This Sunday the National Organization for Marriage and their Hateful Nonsense Wagon will be pulling up on Smith Hill to remind us that God only wants certain people to receive health care benefits and death rights.  Their One Man One Woman Summer of Hate tour kicked off yesterday in Maine and drew about a hundred …

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How About A Nice Cup Of WTF?

UPDATES — 9AM WEDNESDAY: The ProJo has picked up the story crediting “several left-leaning blogs” with breaking it, but we know it was Ms. Dymoke who spent most of Monday on the phone fielding questions from the Canadian media. 3PM MONDAY: Daily Dose wins again! ORIGINAL, AUG 9th: Well that’s a first… apparently people do …

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