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Follies recap

Ian recaps the Follies over at N4N. Highlights: A shouting match between Clinton and Obama supporters, special guests Bill and Patrick Lynch, and extra-special guests Chelsea Clinton and John Kerry. In contrast to memorable remarks associated with FDR and JFK, Kerry lamented he will be remembered for the phrase, “Don’t Tase me, bro.” He brightened, […]

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Speaking of Ian

In keeping with the US Weekly themeDirty little secret — ‘Not for Nothing’ — besides being a ridiculous RI idiom and the name of Ian’s blog — is the url for Dave Navarro’s website. He’s that poopfaced rocker who used to date Carmen Electra and Jenna Jameson. So the url is probably a function of

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PPS director getting outta Dodge

  Ian tells us Jack Gold has had enough: Jack Gold, executive director of the Providence Preservation Society, is leaving to take a similar job at San Francisco Architectural Heritage. An announcement is expected later today. Gold, who came to PPS three years ago from Connecticut, tells N4N, “I’m really excited about it, but it’s

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