“Everyone Has A Song Inside”

[youtube]e1e_h1OJfS4&feature=related[/youtube] And that’s exactly where it should remain.  Just when I was thinking that Microsoft should be condemned to the flames for its latest round of insufferable television ads (some smug little jagoff spouting obvious pronouncements as if they were marvelous insights) the company completely redeems itself with a promotional video for its new product, […]

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Supergrass Can Still Bring It

For a few, 1995 and the release of Supergrass’ I Should Coco (cockney slang for ‘I should hope so’, thanks, NME) was the real high water mark for the already cresting britpop invasion, led half-a-year or so earlier by Blur’s Parklife and of course Definitely Maybe. But it was I Should Coco, with its shaggy

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