No communion for you!

I’m a day or two behind this AP article in which the Rev. Jay Scott Newman, a South Carolina Roman Catholic priest, has asked parishioners to refrain from receiving Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Hussein Obama because of the Democratic president-elect’s pro-choice stance. In fact, the good reverend declared that supporting Obama “constitutes material cooperation with …

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The Politics of Dancing

Apparently I was mistaken when I thought that former L’Trimm singer Lady Tigra was the only one singing optimistic political songs in this fretful election year; her ode to Michelle Obama is flawed, yet wonderful anyway because it’s more about the American psyche and less about, say, war and our impending environmental downfall.  Or economic …

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A New Way To Love Obama

I’m sorta surprised at the lack of commemmorative Obama bobbleheads being sold these days, because I feel like everybody would buy one, right?  But I was a little surprised–nay, horrified–to discover this morning that Mr O’s head has been made into something far more salacious.  After the jump, behold the alarmingly smily Obama dildo:

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