Sikander Exhibit Ends

(1.30) Only a few days left to take in Shahzia Sikander’s “Extraordinary Realities” with her exquisite deconstruction of the illustrated manuscript painting of Pakistan. Don’t worry — magnifying glasses have been provided. Pakistani American artist Shahzia Sikander (RISD MFA 1995, Painting and Printmaking) is internationally celebrated for bringing painting traditions from South and Central Asia […]

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Arif Lohar At RISD Auditorium

(3.17) Need a break from the fiddles and tin whistles? First Works presents Punjabi superstar Sufi-rocker, folk singer, and Bollywood celeb — Arif Lohar. Singing modern interpretations of traditional Punjabi songs, Arif Lohar captures the sights and sounds of modern Pakistani culture with a unique mix of pop and folk stylings. Playing his beloved chimta,

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On Pakistan

I’m not going to pretend to know a hell of a lot about the political dynamic in Pakistan, but I’ve found writings by Pakistani democracy and civil rights activist Tariq Ali to be illuminating. While the American press has been uncritically fawning, his work is nuanced, written from the perspective of sometimes friend and ally

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