Patrick Lynch

If 1,888,000 People Each Sent In One Dollar . . .

. . . then independent candidate for governor, Lincoln Chafee, could stop fundraising and start campaigning. Extrapolating from the 2006 guber campaigns, Chafee estimates that $2,000,000 will be needed to mount a successful run. He’s only got $112,000 so far, well behind Attorney General Lynch and State Treasurer Caprio. Columnist Edward Fitzpatrick interviewed Chafee (at

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Follies recap

Ian recaps the Follies over at N4N. Highlights: A shouting match between Clinton and Obama supporters, special guests Bill and Patrick Lynch, and extra-special guests Chelsea Clinton and John Kerry. In contrast to memorable remarks associated with FDR and JFK, Kerry lamented he will be remembered for the phrase, “Don’t Tase me, bro.” He brightened,

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Gee gosh, what would Spidey do?

Come on America… NUT UP! When did we become a nation of such fraidy-babies? The Providence Journal reports today that Attorney General Patrick Lynch is one of 21 state AG’s who have signed a letter “supporting immunity for the telephone companies accused of illegally turning over the telephone records of millions of Americans”. This is

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