Pecha Kucha

Providence Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Pecha Kucha

(3.26) In early 2009, newly transplanted Rhode Islander Stephanie Gerson (update: now Stephanie Lepp) looked around and more or less said, “Huh, look at all the cool stuff here. Why the heck doesn’t Providence have Pecha Kucha nights?” So the hula-hooping vixen kicked off a Providence version of the free-admission global phenomenon, whose name (pronounced […]

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Pecha Kucha

This will be Number 20 for the Providence cohort. Announcing the 20th Pecha Kucha night in Providence! The theme is “foodie”, and all of the presentations revolve around just that! If you haven’t yet heard of this global yet unpronounceable phenomenon, Pecha Kucha is a monthly format for sharing ideas, in which presenters are allotted

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Reminder: Pecha Kucha

As Beth already noted—and yes, that WAS a shameful cover, Time—tonight marks Providence’s fourth Pecha Kucha (say it with me: pih-CHA kih-CHA) Night.  Pecha Kucha is Japanese for the sound of conversation, and if you don’t practice saying it correctly, the whole group will be forced to recite it every time.  (Plus, if you say “PET-cha

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