Peter Green

‘Providence Raptors’ Available Now

He wasn’t a birder. He didn’t own a fancy camera. But when this graphic designer moved into the sixth floor of a downtown loft and began witnessing the life-and-death dramas happening daily outside his window, he was soon hooked, and an urban wildlife photographer was born. I met with Peter Green last week for an

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Teen Falcons Eagerly Await Arcade Stroll

(6.4) This is not a picture by urban wildlife photographer Peter Green of Providence Raptors. His pictures are way better. This is just another one of my screen grabs taken a few moments ago, following a truly gnarly feeding, but it seems important to remind people how quickly things progress at this stage. The nestlings

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Providence Peregrine Webcam Goes Online

The Providence Peregrine Webcam is up and running. Every spring the Rhode Island Audubon Society sets up the nesting box, and its live feed, atop the Superman Building (111 Westminster Street) in downtown Providence. The latest news is posted at the website. Yesterday’s report “Peregrines were seen mating this afternoon… eggs on the way!” Urban

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Urban Wildlife Photographer Profiled

Urban wildlife photographer Peter Green was the subject of Walt Buteau’s “Street Stories: Hawk Eye” feature Friday on the Channel 12 News. Known for his photos of the red-tailed hawks at the State House and the nesting falcons atop the Superman building, Green is always on the prowl for new talent and was among the

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Bird Photos By Peter Green

Urban wildlife photographer Peter Green (last featured here with his downtown snapping turtle)  has some beautiful prints as well as his now famous poster of 111 Westminster Street (the Superman building) available for sale. This picture was selected by iolabs as its holiday paper cuts edition. Green’s work can be viewed here. He snapped one

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Bands From Here — Fangs, Bolts, and Arks

“Major” — as in major chords and major fun — is the latest album from Fang Island, another band to come out of RISD (they’re in Brooklyn now). The band, who describe their sound as “everyone high-fiving everyone,” are currently touring everywhere but here. The song “Dooney Rock” — an ecstatic riverdance/pogo freak-out (Big Country

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I suppose it wasn’t too surprising to bump right into Dose regulars Matthew Lawrence and Micah Salkind (in 3D) immediately upon arrival at the Museum of Westminster Street, an event I wanted to cover for The Dose. Everybody knows everybody and goes everywhere all together all the time. Each had been designated a ‘current exhibit’,

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