‘Mad Science’ At PPL Saturday

Spend a fun afternoon learning science things. Head over to the Providence Public Library this Saturday for Mad Science: Fire & Ice. Join us as we welcome Mad Science to PPL! This spectacular show thrills audiences with impressive science experiments and includes foggy dry ice storms and demonstrates how giant beach balls can float in […]

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Obligatory Earth Day Post

I give up. It’s impossible for me to continue my years-long rant against bottled water and plastic shopping bags since the explosion of K-Cups. These evil pods are not only plastic but they can’t be recycled (NPR 1.28.15). That their popularity follows the publication of Alan Weisman’s “Polymers are Forever” is particularly galling. We now

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Polymers Are Forever — Ban The Plastic Bag

Tree bags are bad enough, but the plastic bags that find their way into Narragansett Bay and the ocean present a much greater environmental hazard. Environment Rhode Island is spearheading the effort to ban plastic bags in Rhode Island. On Thursday, State Rep. Maria Cimini (Providence) introduced a bill in the Rhode Island House of

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