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RISD Instructor On New Project Runway

Providence has another designer on “Project Runway.” (Jonathan Joseph Peters represented on Season 7.) Joseph Aaron Segal currently teaches Industrial Knitting at RISD while working as a freelance knitwear designer and lead designer for his two brands, World of JAS and Pretty Snake. He could probably retire right now on the success of his Crazy […]

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Tonight, On The Runway

My week’s been kind of nutsy, so sorry for posting this at the last minute.*  But tonight there’s another Project Runway viewing party at Tazza, with contestant Jonathan Peters in attendance.  There were a ton of people there last week, most of whom appeared to be very heavy drinkers, so the bar line was a

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Designers Within Reach

The cast of the seventh season of Project Runway has just been announced, and Woonsocket native Jonathan Peters will be appearing on the program, which kicks off next month on Lifetime. You can get a tour of the Providence-based designer’s home (and his mysteriously stocked refrigerator) at the Lifetime website, as long as you don’t

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I Want My Thighs To Look Like A Baked Potato

There’s just no other word for it — this is your classic ‘hot mess’. (And I promise those two words will never pass my lips again.) Heidi Klum took a rare fashion misstep, or three, on last night’s episode of ‘Project Runway’.  Gee, mylar walking shorts sound like such a good idea . . .

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Project Runway Recap: There Will Be Beachwear

When Ian Curtis sang that “love will tear us apart”, what he must have meant was “trying to design surf-inspired clothing in groups of two will tear us apart” – such was last night’s episode of Project Runway. After last week’s maternity-themed challenge, our merry band of designers were forcibly paired up by (a sandal-clad!!)

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