ProJo Building Sold

And here comes Cornish again. This time are partnering with Nordblom, a Boston real estate development firm. Jef Nickerson at Greater City Providence writes, Cornish and Nordblom plan to commence immediately with improvements to the building. Their plan includes modernizing and revitalizing this iconic property while offering leases to a broad cross section of tenants …

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That’s Enough, ProJo

Look: I like the ProJo. I agree with many (not all) of the editorials and like most (not all) of the writers. I’d love to see more ProJo writers cover local stories, as they’re good at what they do. It’s a decent publication. But it’s driving me nuts. We recently received a “guess what!” postcard …

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Let’s Not Forget The Victim

[youtube]iYCENhtJ2Pg[/youtube] When looking at the issue of sex work in Rhode Island–something we obviously all do here a lot–it’s important to remember that we’re talking about victimized people.  You know, like Joe Paolino. No, really, it’s true.  The real estate developer and former mayor says so himself in today’s ProJo. There’s a quote and everything. …

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Visit The Scene Of The Crime

[youtube]rdP7ZbD6ZT4[/youtube] The Providence Journal’s 7 to 7 News Blog just launched a new feature at some point within the last two hours.  In addition to printing the addresses of where newsworthy events took place, they have now also started providing maps.  That means that with just one click you can find out where three people …

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ProJo Aims For Moral High Ground, Gets All Stone-Throwy

On April 26th, a sex worker from North Providence was held at knifepoint and robbed while escorting at the apartment of a Providence man.  The woman went to the police–something she’s legally allowed to do, for now anyway–and it turns out the guy’s got a rap sheet a mile long with a history of pointing …

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Just Let The Idiots Gamble Already

From the Projo: State Sen. John J. Tassoni Jr. is proposing an amendment to the state Constitution to allow full-scale casino gambling at both Twin River and Newport Grand…Tassoni said he introduced the bill because: “I think it is time. We don’t have enough revenue for the budget. I believe this would help … [and] …

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Mobster’s Body Unearthed In Riverside

From the Projo: The Rhode Island State Police yesterday unearthed what they believe are the remains of Joseph P. “Joe Onions” Scanlon, the onetime hood, police informant and victim of an infamous Rhode Island gangland slaying….In April 1978, Pari and Andrew Merola were arrested for whacking Scanlon in Merola’s Federal Hill social club in Providence. …

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Boating For Poors

Projo pro Mike Stanton brings us some pretty cool news in the Journal today about the Community Boating Center at India Point Park, a “non-profit public access sailing program…held together by volunteers and charitable donations, elbow grease and heart.” Elbow grease you can get at Lowes, heart, not sure where to find that. (Projo)

Response to Achorn

UPDATE: I’m reposting this, from November, in response to Beth’s post below about Achorn’s article about the ‘party lever’ system. I agree with the need for more pluralism in the Assembly and in RI and US politics at large. But this paragraph in particular demonstrates that Achorn’s missing the point: Undoubtedly, Democrats are the more …

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It’s strange to be so happy with the Projo

But I am. Go, Projo, go! Keep hammering away on the urgency of developing a renewables-based economy in Rhode Island. I’m really hopeful about many of the conversations happening at the Assembly this year — please stay tuned, and be on call to nag the hell out of your elected officials. We have the potential …

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Happy news on Cape Wind

The Projo E-board, and Bob Whitcomb in particular, deserve lots of credit for their persistence on this issue. In a major victory for cleaner air and energy independence, the federal Minerals Management Service has given preliminary environmental approval to Cape Wind, the proposed wind farm for Nantucket Sound. Final approval is expected later this year. …

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Great news for the local economy!

A couple from Swansea apparently won last month’s big-ass powerball jackpot, likely yielding a whole new crop of local “believers” who will squander even more dough than they already do.Lottos suck: They’re super-regressive — far more so than casinos — and while people should be able to gamble, the state shouldn’t actively try to dupe …

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