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Journalistic Integrity At The ProJo

News outlets across the country are being taken over by deep-pocketed corporations with no interest in winning Pulitzers and Edward R. Murrow awards; sadly, Rhode Island has been no exception. The purchase of  Channel 10 WJAR by the Sinclair Broadcasting Group brought about an immediate swing to the right in their editorial decisions. And now […]

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‘RI Future’ Pursues Media Bias At ProJo

The uneven coverage of the Democratic primary race by the national media outlets has been getting major attention — although, not in the national media outlets. Everywhere you look — it’s all Hillary, all the time. Even when Bernie is filling arenas with thousands of rabid, cheering supporters, we get Hillary visiting a diner. And

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Going, Going . . . The ProJo Circles The Drain

So let’s get this straight — Bob Kerr is out, but Patinkin stays? Apparently Mr. Kerr should have spent more time writing about his kids leaving wet towels on the floor. Word spread quickly this week that Providence Journal columnist Bob Kerr had been unceremoniously shown the door after 43 years. Also let go were

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Up To 40 ProJo Employees On The Chopping Block

The Providence Business News reports that, according to an asset purchase agreement filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the new owners of the Providence Journal will be looking to cut up to 40 employees from the payroll. In other words, the buyer, GateHouse affiliate and New Media Investment Group subsidiary LMG Rhode Island

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Providence Journal Pulls Doonesbury

According to the New York Times, A national syndicate will offer replacement “Doonesbury” comic strips to newspapers that don’t want to run a series that uses graphic imagery to lampoon a Texas law requiring women to have an ultrasound before an abortion, executives said Friday. A handful of newspapers say they would not run this

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A Little Fixer-Upper

The Channel 10 Evening News reports that the Belo Corporation has put the Providence Journal headquarters building on Fountain Street and some adjacent parking lots, as well as a building on Kinsley Avenue, up for sale.  It is unclear where the Providence Journal might continue operations should a sale go through, although presumably they could

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Hey ProJo, remember 2006? Anybody?

The Providence Journal editorial staff has apparently been drinking the Kool-aid.  In Sunday’s editorial ‘ACORN’s voting machine’ they make no mention whatsoever of the other, much more sinister and much more likely, explanation for these sudden ‘voter fraud’ claims, even though it is exactly the same series of events that caused the Department of Justice

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Response to Achorn

UPDATE: I’m reposting this, from November, in response to Beth’s post below about Achorn’s article about the ‘party lever’ system. I agree with the need for more pluralism in the Assembly and in RI and US politics at large. But this paragraph in particular demonstrates that Achorn’s missing the point: Undoubtedly, Democrats are the more

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