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History of The PPD Exhibit At City Hall

Look at that face. Check out the new exhibit — “Protecting Providence: Three Centuries of Policing in Rhode Island’s Capital City” — Providence City Hall, second floor. Great old photos, documents, and artifacts like old handcuffs and billy clubs. Lots of fun gangster names and quirky stories (Lizzie Borden got arrested for stealing paintings from […]

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Dan The Man With Friend

Officer Dan Famiglietti of the Providence Police Mounted Command is patrolling the Thayer Street area today — presumably to greet and guide the out-of-towners — on board this utterly imposing and gorgeous piece of horse flesh. According to the ‘Meet the Horses’ page at the Command website, The majority of the mounts are “draft crosses”

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It’s a Shakedown

And horrible public relations. An excellent article in today’s Providence Journal ‘Spas are regular contributors to police organizations’ details how professional fundraisers, identifying themselves with various police organizations, extort money from small business owners. The emphasis in the article is on the unsavory targeting of, and thus association with, massage parlors and spas, but this

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to the PPD from the PDD*

Could you guys maybe worry a little less about speeding and a little more about graffiti? Aren’t you even a little embarrassed that these evil-doers are now tagging your own equipment with apparent impunity? Put down the radar you wusses — you’ve got real guns — use ’em. *actually the opinions expressed here are strictly

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