Restoring Our Native Cottontail

The rare New England cottontail, a species of native rabbit once abundant in these parts*, is getting some much needed help from the NE Cottontail Captive Breeding Program. Since 2010, captive breeding specialists at Roger Williams Park Zoo have been working to perfect housing, feeding, and breeding techniques so that threatened New England cottontails can […]

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Bunnies Around Town

Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of bunny-related imagery. All of these photos were taken in Providence. A few were snapped quite a while ago and no longer exist. How many do you recognize? Below is an additional, long-gone rabbit graffito below which are the “answers” to the collage pix. ******************************************************** Photos left

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Jim Taricani Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

UPDATE 8/15: All charges dropped. “‘She’s not a criminal,’ McEnaney said. ‘She’s a walking cartoon character, when she’s in character.’” Here’s the now-embeddable video, which has amassed its own little YouTube following and you should really watch if you somehow haven’t seen it: [youtube]NiJvK_xiUgo[/youtube] UPDATE 4/6: Holy crap this is amazing, and you really should

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Donnie Darko Sequel Not Likely To Be The Swayze-ist (Or Gyllenhaal-iest)

Just this morning, while taking one of those inane Facebook itunes surveys, I made a joke about Sparkle Motion, the dance group that Donnie Darko’s little sister (but not his mom) was so committed to. And now I see this: Holy Jesus is that going to ever suck like nothing has ever sucked before in

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Exciting New Ladytron Remix

“Ghosts,” the second single from Ladytron’s just-released Velocifero, doesn’t grab me quite the way first single “Black Cat” did when it came out in April. Their debut album, 2000’s 604, is one of my all-time favorites, all icy synths and Bulgarian airport voices, but I’m glad they’re trying different styles out and not sticking with

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