Providence Community Radio — On The Air

Exciting news, radio fans, ProComRad is on the air. Tune in to 101.1 FM on your radio dial. From their Facebook page, Providence Community Radio, a non-commercial local low power FM broadcaster, is proud to announce we’re working with partner organizations BSR and AS220 to develop Providence’s newest radio station: 101.1FM! We’re building facilities and […]

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Time To Reset Your Preset

The end of an era. The Brown University radio station WBRU-FM 95.5 will soon be selling its signal and transferring its license to the Educational Media Foundation (EMF). WBRU has been broadcasting progressive→album→college→indie→generic modern rock since 1966. According to WPRI News; On its website, EMF describes its mission as to “create compelling media that inspires

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Work Is A Four-Letter Word

[youtube]2rvhcT-5_Rg[/youtube] Today’s the premiere of That Job Sucked Anyway, Megan Hall and Sue Ellen Kroll’s radio documentary about people’s terrible work experiences. We all have them, but over time they can (sometimes) transform from anxiety-inducing horrors to darkly comedic stories so hilarious that you want to share with strangers.*  (In my interview, I told the

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DiY: Web Series Edition

I have a web series called Polyester Dreams. It’s about a manic depressive prog rock radio DJ named Warren Orlando. The first season was produced for $500 from my economic stimulus check. Independent web video production companies are the new garage bands (or warehouse bands, Providence). Polyester Dreams Episode 6: Warren the Redeemer So how

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Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ

There are only forty-nine days left until Christmas, but don’t worry:  B-101 has already switched to their incredibly tiresome all-Christmas format!  And they’re not calling themselves B-101 anymore; now they’re Christmas-101!  Get it? While I generally only listen to the station when I’m a) getting my teeth cleaned or b) in the car with my

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