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Rhode Island Resource Recovery (RIRRC) offers free tours to individuals, families, and groups (government entities, schools, businesses, institutions, organizations, and housing communities) in Rhode Island. If I ruled the world, every citizen would be forced to take this tour. And actually, I think kids would kind of love all this. Go here for details of

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Jamey Morrill At Yellow Peril— “Larvae”

Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to present “Larvae” a sculpture installation by Jamey Morrill, consisting of mundane, seemingly benign materials that collectively become imposing and uncanny. “In our culture, mass production of products appears similar to the reproductive strategy of insects – where risk and cost are spread thin as gossamer over many to assure

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Mattresses And E-Waste Drop-Off

(9.22) From the Department of Public Works: On Saturday, September 22, city residents may drop off old mattresses and e-waste at George J. West School located at 145 Beaufort Street between 8am and 11am. Residents are invited to drop off mattresses, old TVs, computers, printers, microwaves, stereos, keyboards, phones and other electronic wastes. 8am to

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New Rules — Some Recycling Don’ts

Mommie was right. The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation has found that wire hangers and other scrap metal have proven too difficult (even dangerous) to handle at the recycling facility. While small scrap metal was accepted in the old program, it always presented serious problems, even in the old facility.  Wires, cables, and chains frequently

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New Rules — Recycling Paper And Cardboard

Today’s lesson: paper and cardboard. Here’s what goes in the bins (any bin, either color). And remember, you can mix it all up with all the other stuff now. Have fun with it! newspaper/phone books/envelopes/ office paper/spiral notebooks/flattened corrugated boxes/gift bags/paperback books/food boxes (see illustration)/junk mail/paper bags/magazines So what’s new? Wrapping paper and tissue paper.

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New Rules — Recycling

Rhode Islanders may adopt the new recycling guidelines as soon as they receive in the mail the Resource Recovery brochure (and useful refrigerator magnet) says state recycling coordinator Sarah Kite. (Mark Reynolds writes all about the new system and changes to the plant itself in the Thursday ProJo.) For complete information on what’s the same,

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Really Really Free Market, Indoors @AS220!

It’s hard times, and the free market ain’t free. Luckily, there’s the Providence Really Really Free Market, which is! Join us in this collaborative event to create an autonomous space for community sharing. No $$$, no barter, just FREE. Give what you can, take what you want! For more information, please send an email to

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Creative Citizens Call For A “Creative” Creative Capital

Bill Mott, social enterpriser (founder of The Ocean Project), committed environmentalist (founder of Providence Green Drinks), and city resident would like to see the city become a little more creative in how it runs the government. Writing for RI’s Future, Earlier this year, Mayor Cicilline unveiled plans designed to make Providence a “creative capital” for

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Recycle-A-Bike Yard Sale Saturday

Bike Yard Sale — Those interested in finding a new inexpensive bike, or getting parts for the one they already own should check out the Recycle-A-Bike yard sale on Saturday. Find a metal accoutrement for artistic inspiration, a quality vintage piece, a hard-to-replace part, or a new bike to fit your life. There is a

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