Jerkus Circus Comes To Providence

Find true love at JERKUS CIRCUS this Saturday, March 20 at the AS220! Comedy, Burlesque, and Freaks! Voted best Neo Vaudeville by the Boston Phoenix in ’09. Produced, Created, and Hosted by the World Famous Steamy Bohemians.

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First in War, Last in Peace

Don’t forget to eat a Johnnycake or light some fireworks before Rhode Island Independence Day is over. It was just 233 years ago that the beloved General Assembly declared our independence from the tyrannical British: § 25-2-1  Rhode Island Independence Day. – The fourth day of May in each and every year is established, in this

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Revolution or Scare Tactics?

On my way to work this morning I noticed many campaign banners hanging on highway overpasses, but none was more striking than the one proudly displayed over 95S in the the North End of Providence. “Vote Black Power–It’s Time,” read the message on what, ironically, appeared to be a white sheet. At first I thought,

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