Rod Blagojevich

There IS a Rhyme for “Blagojovich” (sort of)

…Even if it’s cut off from this video.  The wish-it-was-longer song, written on the spot by Jim’s Big Ego during a recent performance at a hipstery Pennsylvania coffeehouse, apparently began, “Is he a dilettante or just a whiny bitch? Will anyone here shed a tear for Blagojovich?” [youtube]UIiuucfqtaQ[/youtube]

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Big Ones, Blagojevich Style

I’m sure at some point on your I-95 travels you’ve encountered a large automobile with truck nuts — the tackiest must-have auto accessory since the dream catcher. Truck nuts serve the dual purpose of allowing the owner to feel comfortable about their own meager serving of god-given gonads while simultaneously alerting other travelers that they’re

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News Slap: Holy Hairbrush Edition

Hair as feathered and fine as Rod Blagojevich’s requires vigilance, mousse, and a special Paul Mitchell hairbrush the crooked guv bizarrely calls “the football” (the article also contains other anecdotal nuggets detailing HotRod’s hilarious spiral into megalomaniacal madness). In case you missed the highly amusing video of an Iraqi journalist fucking a shoe at Bush’s

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News Slap: Gubernatorial Faux Pas Edition

Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has just been nabbed by the Feds for allegedly hocking Obama’s senate seat and cock-blocking the Chicago Tribune. If you think his hair is hilarious, wait until you hear how he used a comparison with Nixon as the basis for his innocence. Not sure what to buy the auto industry this

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Yay, we’re NOT the most corrupt state in the country!

Dose reader Joe Bernstein, among others, had warned me Chicago can kick Providence’s butt on corruption.  Now it looks like Plunderdome has met its match.  The New York Times reports that Rod Blagojevich, governor of Illinois, was arrested for conspiring to gain financially from appointing Obama’s senate replacement. Oh, and for squeezing campaign contributions in

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