Sally Ride Day — Natural History Museum

(6.17) Join the Rhode Island Historical Society and the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium for a day of activities as we celebrate Sally Ride’s legacy as an astronaut, physicist, educator, and advocate for young people. Dr. Sally K. Ride became a national icon of achievement in science and space on June 18, 1983, when […]

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‘Mad Science’ At PPL Saturday

Spend a fun afternoon learning science things. Head over to the Providence Public Library this Saturday for Mad Science: Fire & Ice. Join us as we welcome Mad Science to PPL! This spectacular show thrills audiences with impressive science experiments and includes foggy dry ice storms and demonstrates how giant beach balls can float in

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‘Museum Of The Moon’ Opens At WFAC

Twenty-three feet in diameter! An enormous art installation by English artist Luke Jerram is coming to Providence this month as part of a larger series of events and exhibitions presented by the NASA RI Space Consortium in association with WaterFire Providence. This highly-detailed, 23′ diameter, moon sculpture will be installed in the main hall of

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Earthrise — 50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago today Apollo 8 astronaut, Bill Anders, captured this iconic image. He was supposed to be shooting the moon but couldn’t resist. For some time after the mission, there had been confusion as to which astronaut had actually snapped this photo. Brown alum, and moon mission fanatic, Andrew Chaikin wrote about getting to

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‘Science Denial’ Lecture At Brown

(2.16) Biology professor Kenneth R. Miller will deliver a lecture titled “Science Denial: from Anti-Vaxers and Climate ‘Skeptics’ to the Ark Park — Why it Continues and Why it Matters,” as part of the Reaffirming University Values series. Miller’s research work on cell membrane structure and function has produced more than 60 scientific papers and

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‘Particle Fever’ At Cable Car — Q&A

(5.17) Are we living in a supersymmetrical universe or a chaotic multiverse? Head over to the Cable Car Cinema Saturday when science documentary Particle Fever will be followed by a Q&A with Brown University Professor Greg Landsberg, CMS Experiment Physics Coordinator at the time of the Higgs boson discovery. Calling it “enormously suspenseful” The New

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‘Dark Matter’ Multimedia Performance And Lecture

Crank up the Zeiss! The Meridian Project is pleased to announce the premiere of “Dark Matter” a multimedia performance exploring cutting edge research in dark matter detection. Dr. Jeremy Chapman, a recent graduate of Brown University’s Particle Astrophysics Group, will discuss the latest developments in dark matter research in combination with new music written and

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Tech Talk — AS220 Labs And Girl Power

The AS220 Labs has a set of workshops coming up for those wanting to “Learn how to use an Arduino” including: intro to soldering; build a Physical Pixel or Ambient Orb project; and Robots! Other upcoming lab courses feature 3D Modeling, Intro to the Laser Cutter, Intro to Letterpress, and more. And speaking of robots,

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