I Said No Stage Diving

Don’t make her mad and don’t be fashionably late for Wednesday’s show at AS220. The openers include performance musician, beer-swilling valkyrie, and international wild child Blevin Blectum, who has wowed the crowds from Rio to Richmond. She describes her work as follows; Slow-mo sunspots, high contrast hydraulics, Cascaded Integrator-Combing, and negative acceleration. Epic sound for …

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Dikdik Is Good

And delicious. Come play Scrabble tonight at Blue State Coffee (emotional support lions welcome with doctor’s certification). Just wander in any time after 6pm. Bring a board if you’ve got one, and pencil and paper. The floor hostess will adjudicate all disputes — no arguing balls and strikes. Purchase tea, coffee, espresso etc. and yummy …

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Word of the Day: Pyrrhic

What are the odds that two Dosers would need to write about Scrabble on exactly the same day? This is a little vexing since I actually have some news to report and the other guy just wanted to say ‘Butts’. In the future, Matthew, why don’t you stick to reviewing your clinically-depressed techno-vikings and leave …

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