these guys need a girlfriend

The demand for Scrabble articles has been tremendous — people can’t seem to get enough. I’m doing my best to keep up but I’m only one person and the phone won’t stop ringing. We have new developments in this fascinating battle. Writing for Business Week, Catherine Holahan reports that heartbroken, jonesing and angry Scrabulous nuts

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Oh no! Scrabulous has been taken down from Facebook at the request of the Agarwalla brothers who can apparently see the writing on the wall and might be hoping to mitigate their damages. (The battle between Scrabble copyright owners Hasbro and the creators of Scrabulous started about a year ago when it was first launched

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forget the tiles, there’s real money on the table

A front page story in today’s New York Times examines the weird legal jousting between the creators of Scrabulous, the Agarwalla brothers (may I suggest they shorten it to Agarbro?) and the owners of Hasbro, the Hassenfeld Brothers. It’s a squirrely sort of problem given the tension between protecting the property rights and some significant

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