Senator Jack Reed

Stop Praying And Contact Your State Legislators

So you can just program the “Thoughts and Prayers” format into your illuminated sign and fill in the name of the city or school when news breaks? Really saves time. Or maybe it’s time to do something more substantive. Rhode Island State Rep Aaron Regunberg (D-Providence) was already working on some common sense gun control …

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Army General Targets Senator Reed With Psy-Ops Manipulation

Taking advantage of pretty girls is one thing, but hands off my senator! Rolling Stone magazine has uncovered another disgraceful chapter in this endless war in Afghanistan (Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators. 2/23). This week Michael Hastings (who last summer profiled the original runaway, Stanley McChrystal) exposes a plan by Lt. …

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Reform Filibuster Rules Now

From Kate Brock over at Ocean State Action, A strong package of filibuster reforms is currently being considered by the Senate. The reforms would end filibusters on motions to begin debate and would force Senators waging a filibuster to actually stay on the floor and engage in debate. Twenty-six Senators are already sponsors or co-sponsors …

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Nut UP, Democrats

Director of Ocean State Action, Peter Asen, brings this to our attention. Director Ron Howard and the Funny or Die people have brought together the old SNL crew of presidential impersonators to bring attention to some urgently needed legislation. Hollywood isn’t generally known for precisely timed or well-defined campaigns aimed at specific legislative language as …

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