Seth Yurdin

Saturday Deadline — Voter Registration

Kudos to the Providence Board of Canvassers who will keep the Providence City Hall office, first floor, open Saturday from 1pm to 4pm to get you last-minute voters registered.  And what are you waiting for anyway?  I know that Rhode Island is pretty safely in the Obama column, but don’t you want to be a …

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what’s in it for us?

What exactly is the nature of the relationship between the city of Providence and the owners of these boxes? I’m guessing host/parasite. What do we get out of these contraptions besides visual blight and exposure to liability? This is ugly crap that nobody needs and it’s spreading like a virus that makes you want to …

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to the PPD from the PDD*

Could you guys maybe worry a little less about speeding and a little more about graffiti? Aren’t you even a little embarrassed that these evil-doers are now tagging your own equipment with apparent impunity? Put down the radar you wusses — you’ve got real guns — use ’em. *actually the opinions expressed here are strictly …

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