Sustainability Print Show!

HEY remember that one time the other day i posted a 4000 pixel wide image on the main page of the PDD because I momentarily forgot (or arguably never knew) how to use a computer??? Yeah that was AWESOME!! I hope I do it NINE MORE TIMES!!! Anyway here’s a charming reminder, with the official

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Sustainability Show!

Sustainability Print Show! The opening is this SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd 2008 from 4-7pm at The AS220 Main Gallery space, 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903. It’s also FREE! Print Show by Just Seeds Visual Arts Cooperative & Thirty+ RI Artists, including (but not limited to! and possibly inaccurate in some instances!): Mary Tremonte, Josh MacPhee,

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Print Lottery TONIGHT!

It’s Saturday, September 27th! Print Lottery is tonight, 7-10pm @ 115 Empire St. (AS220). I keep promising cake, and that keeps being a lie. But FOR REAL this time, there’s gonna be like, 200 cupcakes and a bunch of wicked awesome vegan cookies, I SWEAR TO YOU. Not to mention, 200+ prints, 200+ artists, 200+

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Print Lottery: Righteous closing show/party/event!

This Saturday is pretty packed with stuff to do, and I understand how easy it is to get distracted/side-tracked/drunk. But stay focused, friend! Because the AS220’s FIRST Biennial Print Lottery Show comes to a dramatic close Saturday, September 27th, 7pm @ 115 Empire Street. It’s kind of early in your sinful evening, so you’ll still

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Exciting printmaking related lecture/q&a!!!!!

OH MAN this month is BUMPING, if you missed the free open workshop last saturday you totally missed out, and it’s probably my fault for forgetting to post it… BUT ANYWAY, THIS Saturday, September 20th @ 6:30 there will be two amazing guest lectures starring Gretchen Wagner, curatorial assistant for the museum of modern art

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September is PRINT MONTH at AS220!

so, ok. Print month at AS220; it’s actually more like printmake month, printmaking month, printshop month, printlotto month, raisefundsforyourlocalnonprofitcommunityprintshopmonth. anyway, we’ve got a lot going on. there are some SERIOUSLY brutal events this month, all of which are pretty much free, so keep your eyes peeled. here is some info below, and i’ll be sure

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august classes @ the printshop!

Hello! the August printshop classes are now available for viewing and sign up at the online shop! go check it out: AS220 shop. ALSO, friends! the AS220 community printshop is AIR CONDITIONED (don’t be jealous!!! just sign up for class.) For more info visit the printshop website.

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open print/poster/awesome show @ 5 traverse gallery!

HEY SO there’s a poster/print show this FRIDAY @ 5 Traverse Gallery on the corner of wickenden st. and traverse st (a.k.a next to kabloom, across from the utrecht parking lot– have a latte at coffee xxx-change, eat some cous cous). it’s an OPEN SHOW which means ANYONE can show up and put their prints/posters/flyers/p-copies/l-press/litho-graph-y/s-skreens/etchings/openbitez/soft

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Printshop workshops in June!

  Every month the printshop has classes, but most months I forget to post them on the Dose, which is entirely foolish. FORTUNATELY, this month (the good month of June), i remembered! but enough about me. let’s talk about YOU (and your post-accredited pseudo-underground alternative learning experience).

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Printshop Fundraiser, Brunch-sale, and Dance Party

  Michaela Zacchilli is an amazing graphic artist and sender of insane missives like the one below. If I were you I’d be scared not to go to this, she’d probably show up at your house and start drawing on your face.  hello hello hello, dear friends! plz join us @ narwhal arms (mathewson/washington–above blake’s)

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CFCFG returns to E&O

The Co-ed Fight Club for Girls returns to the E&O tap Monday, February 25th, 8pm-12am for a night of serious bar tending, booze, breasts, biceps and BRAND NEW OUTFITS (printed & designed by yours truly under CFCFG direction). So, put on your knee-highs, stuff some singles in your wallet, adjust your sweatbands and jog on

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AS220 Community Print Shop – MARCH Schedule

Well! Classes for February filled up so fast I didn’t really have time to post the schedule, but March is well on it’s way and there’s still room in most of the classes!! I’m only going to post the classes that have space left, but you can see what you’re missing out on in the

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Post Holiday Craft Party Party Redux

join us TODAY january 26th, from 5pm-9pm at the AS220 Community Print Shop for our POST HOLIDAY CRAFT PARTY PARTY REDUX (a wholesome crafty get-together). Make some post-holiday presents and cards or tigers or whatever using pom-poms and glitter and pipe cleaner ’cause you haven’t since shortly after you were a fetus!!! “F” ART LETS

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AS220 Community Print Shop: December Schedule

DECEMBER 2007!!! The brutal month before JANUARY 2008, horrifying!!!!! The print shop still breathes, heavy, thirsting for new friends and classmates. Clawing through the ink-soaked rags of downtown Providence, drooling education and reeking of a strange allure, a distorted, musky scent, familiar and yet distant, the indescribable waft of learning and fun, disgusting yet delicious.

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