Proposed Towers Would Scrape Way Too Much Sky

We’ve now had a day to consider the supersized residential skyscrapers (see below) being proposed for the I-195 District Redevelopment District. At 55 stories, the tallest of the three towers would be twice the height of the Superman building, and a poke-in-the-eye from every vantage point. (ProJo 11.15.16) I am hardly alone in thinking there […]

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Skyscrapers And Airships Presentation

(10.9) Back by popular demand. In anticipation of Saturday’s Providence Preservation Society Gala Fundraiser (to be held in the Superman Building), Matthew D. Bird (RISD faculty — History of Industrial Design) will repeat his “A View From the Clouds: The Skyscraper and the Airship” After presenting to a sold out crowd at the Brick School

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Yet again, I’m with Brussat

Dave has a piece today, on the relative uglinesses of the new towers of Capital Center. I’m actually mildly contented by the Waterplace towers at the moment, having viewed them from the Biltmore’s 17th floor today, during the conference on “re-envisioning” Kennedy Plaza. But normally, I like to complain as much as he does: The

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Vista del Torre moves forward

The Federal Hill skyscraper got a key approval last night: Zammiello came before the council’s Public Works Committee last night to get the OK to buy the air rights from the city for $178,000. Two weeks ago, the committee had approved his request to buy the rights to build underneath Bradford Street for $469,000. But

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