Supreme Court

‘No Confirmation’ Protest — Burnside Park

(9.27) Democrats need to get in some good trouble! Last week hundreds of you joined a protest in Burnside Park urging our senators to fight the upcoming Supreme Court nomination. You are invited back this week to hear the plan for that fight and help deliver that plan to Senators Whitehouse and Reed. Aaron Regunberg, …

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Action Speaks — Live Forum

(10.3) Action Speaks kicks off its new season Wednesday. This year Action Speaks looks at moments when the rights of the individual have clashed with the needs or beliefs of the public and where the line between private and public has been defined or blurred. In its fall 2012 season, Action Speaks: Underappreciated Dates that …

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Unreasonable Search & Seizure — Panel At Brown

(9.17) Ignorant dopes on the right are always going on about threats to “our precious freedoms” but they never get it right about which freedoms, where, and by whom. (It’s usually “Obama is after our guns.”) Brown University’s Political Theory Project is hosting a discussion of recent Fourth Amendment decisions with speakers Michael Dreeben and …

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I’m Tired

But things are looking up for all women tired of getting schtupped by The Man. President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law yesterday, legislation that should loosen up the statute of limitations problems Ledbetter ran into with her pay discrimination suit.  In ruling against Ledbetter, the Roberts Court found that she …

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Revisiting the First Amendment

Today, the United States Supreme Court was scheduled to hear arguments on a case in which the decision will have a significant impact on the First Amendment. While scanning the NYT Washington news, this article jumped off of the screen and set sirens off in my head. I don’t know how many of you are …

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