Prov Public Library ‘Special Collections’

This really is special: “How to do Good Tattooing” by Miss Cindy Ray, is just one of the gems to be found in the Providence Public Library’s Special Collections. (She numbered the tattoos on her body to keep track of their progress for her first book.) Head curator Jordan Goffin was kind enough to pull […]

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Tattoo Art — Solo Show At Scürvy Dög

(7.21) The Scürvy Dög presents “Regurgitated” a solo exhibition of 30 paintings, tattoo flash, and illustrations by tattoo artist Jimmy Lazer. Mr. Lazer answered a few questions via email discussing his work and elaborating on his recent trip to Rome; he was kind enough to explain “tattoo flash” for the uninitiated (babies, old people, Jews).

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3rd Annual Skate Deck Art Show — The Hive

One business that seems to have made a go of it in Hope Artiste Village is the Hive. Proprietor and tattoo artist, Kevin Bledsoe, has managed to kept things running even through those lonely pre-farmers days and the generally crappy economy. Also, the whole tattoo thing shows no signs of fading. Apparently Mr. Bledsoe does

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